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Protein bomb / Masoor dal kebab

Low calorie snack..?? Does they exist...! Yes, today we are making a snack like this. Calorie content : 40 cal. Per serving. Masoor dal kebab or Protein bombs is a…


Sago : a significant part of Hindu fasting rituals. It has many benefits such as gluten free, non allergic, prevents digestion issues, good for heart, controls blood pressure, rich in…

Mango kulfi without condensed milk

We are presenting you here with our recipe of mango kulfi without condensed milk. It’s easy, simple, and yummy. Summers are seasons of mango. When mango combines with reduced milk…

Healthy kulcha with wealthy matraa

Matar kulcha is a very famous recipe from northern India. Kulcha is a very popular bread-like naans, rotis, and paranthas. Traditionally its made up of all-purpose flour i.e maida. For…