Desi sweet | Fusion of Indian homemade sweet

In India, milk is offered with bread to youngsters as well as oldies. It is easy to digest and works as a sweetener. Today we are making a fusion of it in which, taste is enhanced and the dish becomes appealing. Slight butter make it crispier as we soft from inside.The recipe can turn into …

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Royal bite | Shahi tukda | Mughlai dessert

As name symbolizes "shahi" means royal and "tukda" means bite or a piece. Kind of a bread pudding evolved during Mughal era which is served to royal families. Combination of milk, ghee, sugar syrup (dairy products) and lots of yummy dry fruits. You can garnish it with multiple varieties silver or golden varq, dry rose …

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Kids lunch | Oreo & chocolate sweet | Customized dessert

Family completes when there are lovely kids and chocolate lovers. This is a must try recipe for all chocolate lovers. You can customize this recipe like you can use any cream chocolate biscuits instead of oreo. I personally love this biscuit and seen fandom of this. You can use any flavour of oreo. Creamy and …

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Groundnut praline | Peanut chikki

Chikki, delicious traditional snack is a traditional an Indian sweet (brittle) generally made from nuts and jaggery . In northern India, it is also known as gajak or maroonda. Similar dishes are very popular in Brazil , Paraguay and many other countries. It has endless benefits such as :1. It manage cholesterol levels and control heart health.2. Treat skin ailments.3. …

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Instant cake for love | Valentine dessert | Indian easiest sandesh sweet

We are here presenting instant cake recipe for valentine's day. It is similar to an Indian sweet originated from Bengal region created with dairy food and sugar. The best part is that the cake is quick, easy and beginner should try this. Any person can make this after watching the video.